Rachel Arias Therapy

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Rachel Arias is an Oregon-based therapist on a mission to spark positive transformation in her client’s lives. To do so, she offers a unique, warm-hearted approach to therapeutic services. It was our goal to celebrate that through her new visual branding design by creating a cohesive system which would make her clients feel welcomed and at ease. To further take her wellness business to the next level, we created a beautiful, responsive website to attract her ideal clients through the use of a soft, calming color palette, fully custom logo design suite, modern visual elements and clear hierarchy.

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Project Details

Rachel Arias Therapy

Above everything else, Rachel Arias Therapy wants to be known for helping people thrive by achieving more fulfilling relationships and life experiences through therapeutic exploration and education. Rachel’s brand personality is warm, relaxed, approachable, modern and optimistic. So, our goal was to communicate that by creating a cohesive visual brand system to make her clients feel welcomed, at ease, and comfortable.

The fully custom logo suite for Rachel Arias Therapy features a modern, yet friendly rainbow motif to symbolize the hope and positive transformation she creates in her clients lives through their work together. This logo suite includes a beautiful primary logo, secondary logo, monogram and brand icon. 

The brand color palette draws inspiration from nature with refreshing pastels which are complimented by a deep green. The pastel lavender and sky blue are light and airy which provide a calming presence, while the dark green grounds the palette out and adds contrast. Light neutrals were also incorporated to keep everything feeling soft and balanced. When it comes to typography, we selected a modern serif display font with a mix of clean lines and lovely curves which create a feeling of serenity while being slightly playful. This was complemented by a secondary condensed sans serif font to create a clear system of hierarchy.

Once we designed the visual identity for Rachel Arias Therapy, it was time to bring it to life through a beautiful, responsive website. Rachel selected a semi-custom website design package built with Squarespace. We thoughtfully selected a beautiful template to design from together and then customized all of the visuals and layout to reflect Rachel’s brand identity and goals for her new site.