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What’s the difference between logo design and brand design?

Having a strong logo design system is a key ingredient of brand design, but it’s certainly not the full recipe. Successful branding occurs when all of the different visual elements such as your logo suite, color palette, typography and imagery all work together cohesively to tell your company’s story and engage your audience. That’s when the magic happens! View branding packages here.

What platforms do you use for website design and development?

Fully custom websites are designed using WordPress and the Elementor Pro plugin. This platform is great because it offers a drag and drop design system with very few limitations when it comes to design—so we can create something that fully represents your vision without being constrained to a templated layout. It is also easy for you to update on your own in the future without hiring a designer or developer. Win win! Everwest also offers semi-custom websites using Elementor or Squarespace templates for clients who are in need of a more budget-friendly option. View website packages here.

Do you offer a tutorial after the web design process is complete?

Yes, after your website is complete, Farrah will schedule a video call with you to walk you through how to use and manage your new website in the platform it was created. Elementor also offers free ongoing customer support, which will be a great resource for you moving forward if you ever find yourself needing additional assistance.

What can I expect during the free discovery call?

During our initial discovery call, we will get to know each other and chat about your business, design project, goals and budget. Feel free to bring any and all questions and ideas you might have. After the call, you will receive a custom design proposal that outlines the process and package options for you to choose from based on the scope of your project.

what is your design process like?

After we have our discovery call and have agreed to move forward, the signature design process begins with strategy. During this phase we will dive into your business’ values, goals and target audience in order to develop a strong foundation for your business’ brand and/or web design direction. After we have our strategy solidified, we will begin crafting your brand’s new visuals based on the project scope and selected deliverables. Throughout the course of our work together, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to check in. So you will be able to provide feedback and input regularly regarding the creation and refinements of your brand design. Lastly, as the project comes to a close and we prepare to launch your new elevated brand, you will receive all of your assets packaged up and a guide outlining usage. Get ready for that champagne pop!

what is the process for payment?

For most projects, a 50% downpayment of the quoted total amount is required upon booking. The remaining amount is payable upon completion of the project, prior to final design asset delivery. 

For additional questions, fill out the contact form above or email [email protected].