Thetis Club & Spa

Luxury Spa Branding, Web, packaging & Print design

High end spa branding should look and feel rich, luxurious, natural and relaxing. Enter Thetis, a club and day spa that fosters tranquility. The inspiration for this brand identity design comes from ancient Greek art and culture to celebrate the namesake for this spa, Thetis, a sea nymph and the ancient Greek goddess of water. The primary typographic logo incorporates subtle elements of movement and smoothness, for a soft, sophisticated look which is complemented by secondary marks which embody a modern take on historical Greek motifs. The brand color palette is primarily neutral for a calming, earthy aesthetic. Thoughtful design decisions from the minimalist packaging to the sophisticated website design make for a high-end experience for guests.

Spa Website Design on Laptop
Skincare Packaging Design
Spa Mobile Website Design on ipad
Massage Services Menu Design
Modern Luxury Logo on Totebag