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NovusElle Salon

Beauty Salon Branding & Website Design

NovusElle is full-service beauty salon in Bend, Oregon. Their mission is to provide the most elevated and rewarding salon experience for beauty professionals and clients all while enhancing beauty and building confidence. To speak to this elevated experience, we created a lovely modern, sophisticated, and thoughtful brand identity. Their salon branding package included brand strategy and naming, a custom logo suite, responsive website design and development, social media template design, stock photography curation, business card design and more.

Salon Branding in Bend Oregon with Tagline
Responsive Website Design for NovusElle Salon in Bend Oregon
Salon Logo Design in Bend Oregon
NovusElle Salon in Bend, Oregon Coming Soon Website
Social Media Design for NovusElle Salon in Bend Oregon
Salon in Bend Oregon Logo Monogram
NovusElle Salon in Bend Oregon Logo Totebag
Brand Guide for NovusElle Salon in Bend Oregon
Business Card Design for NovusElle Salon in Bend Oregon

Project Details

NovusElle Salon

Above everything else, NovusElle Salon wants to be known for having a staff of industry experts that offer the highest quality of professional beauty services to help women achieve their unique style goals and build confidence in their everyday lives. We wanted the NovusElle brand personality to feel welcoming, modern, luxurious, fresh and feminine. So, our goal was to communicate this through creative direction and strategic brand positioning. We designed a thoughtful logo suite, calming, yet welcoming color palette, carefully selected the perfect combination of elegant typefaces all to portray a feeling of luxury and harmoniousness. After we had our brand foundations developed, we carried NovusElle Salon’s brand new look into their brand collateral and built a stunning new website.

The fully custom logo suite for NovusElle Salon features a motif that takes inspiration from a butterfly wing to represent the transformation that your expert stylists and beauty professionals create for their clients. This is accompanied by an elegant and refined wordmark with embellishments made to the letterforms for a very memorable design style. This logo suite includes a beautiful primary logo, secondary logo, monogram, wordmark and brand icon. 

The brand color palette created for NovusElle is very soft and serene with warm  neutrals mixed with a delicate powder blue to provide a pop of color and help increase brand recognition. This palette gives off a similar level of effortless elegance as a fully neutral palette, but the pops of blue make their brand a bit more visually unique and inviting.

When it comes to typography, we selected a stylish sans serif display font with clean lines and high contrast. This was complemented by a secondary condensed sans serif font to create a clear system of hierarchy.

Typefaces used: Moneta Sans by Monotype, Source Sans by Paul D. Hunt

Once we created the visual identity for NovusElle Salon, it was time to bring it to life through a stunning, responsive website which we built in Squarespace. This website was thoughtfully designed to show off their core values, beauty services, and their talented team of stylists all while conveying the luxurious experience they offer.

To ensure that NovusElle has every tool they need to show up and stand out on social media, we created a suite of profile graphics, launch posts and Canva templates that they can use for their brand again and again. These assets provide them with a cohesive and engaging brand experience across various platforms.