Leaf & Bean

Coffee Shop Branding & Packaging Design

Coffee shop branding should feel warm and inviting and should reflect the experience of sipping on delicious coffee and the ambiance that accompanies it. Leaf & Bean is a tea and coffee company that focuses on serving up the freshest and most flavorful organic brews. The customized logotype ensures a unique, one of a kind aesthetic. Natural earth tones paired with a dramatic textural pattern make for a striking visual identity that is cohesively carried throughout this brand’s packaging and social media collateral. This creates an unforgettable customer experience from start to finish. 

Coffee Bag Packaging Design
Coffee Shop Branding Menu Design
Coffee Shop Branding
Leaf and Bean Small Coffee Cup Packaging
Leaf and Bean Medium Coffee Cup Packaging
Coffee Shop Social Media Graphic
Coffee Shop Social Media Graphic
Leaf and Bean Coffee Logo Sign