Pelican Place & Company

Branding & Packaging Design

Pelican Place & Company offers luxury gift boxes featuring locally made products from Oregon-based small businesses as well as their own custom line of clean-burning candles. They were in need of a refreshed visual brand identity and packaging design to better align with their high-end products and attract their ideal customers. We accomplished this by bringing in a warm, earthy color palette, elegant typography, and designing a stunning logo suite featuring a custom illustration of a pelican in flight to celebrate their brand story.

Pelican Place and Company in Bend, Oregon Logo Design
Pelican Place and Company Candle Packaging Label Design
Pelican Place and Company Brand Icon Logomark
Pelican Place and Company Embossed Packaging Sticker Label Design

Project Details

Pelican Place & Company

After years of DIY-ing their branding and packaging design and never feeling happy with the results, the founder of Pelican Place and Company decided it was finally time to invest in a professional rebrand to take things to the next level. They wanted their new branding to feel warm, luxurious, natural, minimalist and elegant to better attract their ideal clientele. So, we made that happen that by creating a rich, swoon-worthy visual brand system to set off her high-end products and speak to the thoughtful experience offered to customers.

The fully custom logo suite for Pelican Place and Company features a pelican in flight to celebrate the brand’s origin story. This is thoughtfully paired with a delicate serif font with custom swashes and curves added to make it a one-of-a-kind wordmark. This logo suite includes a primary logo, stacked secondary logo variations, monogram, wordmark, brand stamp and brand icon. 

The brand color palette draws inspiration from the high desert landscape in Central Oregon. With warm neutrals and shades of sage green, we created a color story that is both inviting and luxe.

When it comes to typography, we selected a serif display font that embodies a Parisian style. This was complemented by a bold, wide sans serif font to give the brand a modern edge.

Typefaces used: Gretha by Jolicia Type, Unbounded by NaN, Work Sans by Wei Huang

The new candle packaging label for Pelican Place is clean and modern in style with unique border elements to frame the various specifications of each candle. To make each custom scent pop, we selected a signature color for each which pulls the eye into the design. We also incorporated their primary logo and monogram into the design to ensure that their brand was strongly represented.